Thursday Keynote Speaker

Thursday, October 10
Lunch and Keynote Speaker

Melinda Marcus, Expert in The Science of Influence
Read the Room: Increase Your Influence by Speed Reading People

Some of the most important information is never said out loud in a meeting. According to research, at least 60 percent of communication is nonverbal, yet many of us are only focused on words. Influence Expert Melinda Marcus will show you how to uncover hidden insights by recognizing critical nonverbal signals that most people miss in meetings. Gaining insights from reading subtle facial expressions and body language can tip the odds in your favor when you need to influence big decisions. It’s the fastest way to become the smartest person in the room, whether you are meeting in person or virtually.  Marcus will teach you how to:

  • Uncover what people are really thinking and feeling by reading their nonverbals
  • Recognize unspoken objections that could bite you later
  • Fast-track business relationships by building empathy and rapport
  • Pick up the nonverbal signals associated with hidden agendas or deception
  • Recognize the right moment to stop “selling” and start asking for the commitment

Melinda Marcus shows leaders how to influence decisions before they lose big opportunities. As an expert in The Science of Influence, she bases her consulting and speaking programs on proven strategies in persuasive psychology, body language and strategic messaging. Marcus has built a solid track record helping clients from national financial advisory firms and regional hospital centers to global technology corporations and law firms… she’s even worked with two NFL teams. By leveraging her approach, leaders have successfully gained buy-in from clients, prospects, governing boards, and teams. As a result of her consulting and coaching, her clients have successfully closed multi-million dollar contracts and grown revenues by more than $279 million.