Peter Kageyama

Friday, October 6
Closing Session and Brunch

For the Love of Cities

Peter Kageyama, Author and Urbanist

The connection between people and their place is one of the most powerful influences in our lives. As cities come to think of themselves as engaged in a relationship with their residents, and residents become intrinsically connected to their places, we open new possibilities in community, social, and economic development.  In this closing general session, we will explore the value of emotional engagement with our places and what you, as city leaders, can do to improve and nurture that relationship.

Peter Kageyama is a writer and urbanist from St. Petersburg, Florida. He is the author of five books including, For the Love of Cities Revisited – The Love Affair Between People and Their Places. He is a widely recognized thought leader in community and economic development and a favorite speaker for communities seeking new ideas and new inspiration. He has been called the “Pied Piper of City Love” and “The Best Friend of Cities” in his ongoing mission to make cities everywhere more livable and more lovable.