Crystal Washington

Thursday, October 5
Luncheon and Keynote Speaker

The Future Is Now: Technology and Trends That Will Revolutionize

Crystal Washington, Futurist and Technology Strategist

Are you ready for what lies ahead? Stop shaking the Magic 8-Ball and get ‘Crystal’ clear on the future and how it might impact your town or city. In this high-energy session, technology futurist Crystal Washington will show you exciting, practical ways that technology, including generative AI and tools like ChatGPT, will rock your world over the next ten years. Best of all, she’ll deliver her discussion in plain English. Hey Alexa and Siri, no need to translate!

Crystal Washington is a technology strategist and certified futurist who explains the practical applications of technology and social media in plain English. She is the author of the books One Tech Action and The Social Media Why. As one of Forbes’ 50 Leading Female Futurists, she has appeared in numerous publications including Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Forbes, and is regularly called on by major television networks as a tech expert.

Crystal’s clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Microsoft, and GE. She’s a sought-after keynote speaker who entertains and educates audiences around the globe.