z don’t use – Ask a TML Lawyer

Thursday, October 11
9:00-10:15 a.m. and 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Ask a TML Lawyer: Lucy’s Advice Booth?

Remember Lucy’s advice booth from the famous Peanuts comic strip?  It first appeared almost 60 years ago.  The information she provided to the gang was never worth the five cents she charged.  The TML Legal Department wants to flip that on its head!  We won’t charge anything, and the information we provide will be priceless!  In lieu of the usual “Legal Q&A” session, we have decided to give more personalized attention so as to provide better information.  Interested city officials should sign up outside the room.  Those who do will get 15 minutes with a TML lawyer.  (Don’t worry if you don’t get signed up or use up all the time.  The lawyers are available at the office almost every day to answer your questions.)